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The Linkage - 20 Conversations

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

The most impactful learning comes from powerful conversations, not classrooms - conversations that inspire new ideas, deliver keen insight, and reinvent thought patterns to revolutionize the way you think and lead.

The Linkage 20 Conversations distils the best of learning experiences in executive education and eliminates boring classroom time and ineffective lectures. It is uniquely developed for CEOs and C-level executives who have done it all – the MBA, the advanced management program, the leadership course, the immersion experience – and still want more.

Look forward to twenty 90-minute conversations over 5 days,

with undivided attention from world-class faculty from:

★ Boston College ★ Boston University ★ Harvard University

★ Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ★ Tufts University

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The one-week program is uniquely designed for C-level executives looking to achieve breakthrough leadership by making a few paradigm changes to their thinking and approach.

18 years of Linkage research confirms that most CEO conversations revolve around 5 main areas of work

– Strategy, Execution, Systems, Growth and Leadership & Culture.

Day 1: Strategy

Unlocking the Power of Conversations

Why We Matter

How to Sort Through Strategy Options

Leadership Judgment and Decision-making

Day 2: Execution

Top Team Effectiveness – Execution at its Best

Getting Things Done Well

Driving Strategy into Action

Connecting Goals and Go-to-Market Initiatives

Day 3: Systems

Systems Thinking

The Judgment Deficit

Talent Management Systems that Work

Compensation Systems that Drive High Performance

Day 4: Growth

Driving Entrepreneurship for Growth

The Future of Marketing: Applications from Neuroscience

How Growth Affects Organizational Identity

Micro-work: A New Path to Growth?

Day 5: Leadership & Culture

Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths

Women Leadership

The Right Fight

Responsible Leadership

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