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Change and transition have different focus. Change is precipitated by an event and is directed toward a particular outcome. Transition, on the other hand, needs to be managed according to where you are located in your internal process. It is managed based on where you are, not where you wish you were or where you are going. Change is someone’s great idea of a solution to a problem – it represents progress. Transition is about what you have to give up in order to reach that new state – it’s about loss and subsequent renewal. Transition often results from a change, but it may also begin before the change actually takes place.

Linkage can assist your organisation with both individual and team transitions. Our transition management interventions take into account the impact the respective transition has on the individual and the team as a whole. We believe that effective transition management is one where the individual has the necessary support to journey through their own personal changes that they experience within the change process. By individuals and teams overcoming their challenges, they are then able to drive the overall change.

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