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Too many of today’s leaders recognise the imperative to change, yet fail to create effective strategies and techniques to drive and sustain the change effort. Their failure is often a result of underestimating the requirements of successful change. The fact is that many of today’s changes go beyond technical or operational adjustments.

A sound strategy forms the backbone and determines the success of any change initiative. Linkage is able to support you to develop ‘winning’ change and transition strategies that optimise and drive the necessary improvements. We have a strong strategic and tactical expertise in understanding change and what it takes to lead change. As such, we can advise you whether the task is successfully moving downstream with change received from the leaders, or whether the challenge is the hard swim upstream with change called from below. Linkage has critical change leadership concepts and practices, a rock solid change process and smart tools designed to prevent common derailers and realise the benefits of real change.

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