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Organisational culture is the patterns of beliefs, behaviours and actions that members of an organisation share. Linkage research shows that organisations that have a high-performing and aligned culture that supports the strategies and actions of the organisation are highly productive. Culture shapes the employee experience, which then impacts the customers’ experience and ultimately, creates shareholder value. Nevertheless, culture is exceedingly difficult to get right.

Linkage believes that business strategy, leadership and culture must be aligned. Within this context, research shows that a leader’s action influences between 80 – 90% of an employee’s performance and behaviour at work. Leadership and culture therefore is inseparable. Aligning strategy, leadership and culture can ensure profitable growth. Linkage provides consultancy in:

  • Assessment of organisational culture and leadership
  • Strategies to align business outcomes, leadership and culture
  • Aligning cultures including values, behaviours and attitudes
  • Capability development for leaders to drive and embed organisational culture

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