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The Linkage Consultancy Support


Consult with the business for high impact
Work with leaders to design organisations for maximum alignment with business strategy
Help leaders envision and drive change to transform their business
Build skills to ensure that individuals are able to better meet complex organisational challenges
Work with business leaders to design and implement Human Resource and Organisational Development initiatives that deliver results
Engender confidence and support from the senior management team

Organisations that desire to thrive in the marketplace need to maximise its readiness to grow and change with modern market demands. Effective organisational analysis and design can play a pivotal role in an organisation’s readiness and responsiveness to opportunities and challenges. It provides the impetus for necessary organisational adjustments.

Linkage partners with you to formulate the appropriate organisational development strategy. By leveraging our expertise in leadership and organisational development together with your business expertise, we ensure that you grow your organisation’s competitive advantage. Some of the organisational development areas that Linkage consults and provide solutions on include:

  • Merger and acquisition leadership alignment
  • Organisational design and effectiveness (including structural reform and improvements)
  • Improving and maximising team performance
  • Aligning strategy, leadership and culture
  • Improving team and cross organisational performance


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