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"Never before in history have human beings lived in an age so pregnant with possibility"
- Gary Hamel


True innovation is more than generating new ideas. True innovation has to demonstrate tangible impact on business performance and enhance the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of the organisation.

Linkage has a range of development programs and tools, which is based on our Enterprise Innovation Capability Model™. This can assist your organisation to build and implement integrated innovation strategies and cultures that deliver superior results and ensure multiple growth opportunities are captured.

In today's dynamic and often hostile competitive landscape, firms are faced with the challenge of capturing competitive advantage through revolutionary business strategy innovation that creates whole new industries and markets. Linkage helps you answer some of these key innovation questions:

  • How should I build an integrated strategy and foster an internal culture of innovation?
  • How can I beat powerful competitors and better connect with customers?
  • What is the role of the CEO?
  • Where should the innovation reside and who should I collaborate with?
  • How can I encourage creativity in our people?
  • How can I measure results?

Feel free to meet with us to find out more about how we can help you to customise a leading innovation program.


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