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The Return on Leadership Development (ROLD) is an initiative developed in partnership by Linkage and Noel M. Tichy, who is a Professor of Management & Organisations at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and author of ‘Judgement: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls’ (Portfolio, 2007). This new initiative is designed to help organisations quantify what they are spending on leadership development, calculate their return on leadership development investment and determine what they should do differently to increase their ROLD.


ROLD examines four critical components of innovation, effectiveness, productivity and efficiency.




ROLD is a world-first and can provide your organisation with leading edge quantification, benchmarking and access to the best leadership development initiatives around the globe. The strategy and structure of ROLD involves:


  • Identifying desired business results
  • Capturing the strategic objectives and operational indicators that will yield the desired business results
  • Mining the assumptions around competencies that are perceived to be needed to achieve these objectives
  • Choosing the most critical initiatives for the company – top five most used – to be an integral component analysis

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