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Linkage research has found that companies that successfully build their high-potential employees use structured leadership development plans. From our best practice research, programs that make a difference include some or all of the critical components of:

  • Action learning
  • Formal leadership training
  • 360 ⁰ assessment feedback
  • Exposure to senior executives including mentoring programs
  • IDP’s and coaching
  • Cross functional rotations

Linkage expert leadership consultants can assist to answer the six strategic questions on leadership development for our clients:

  1. What capabilities will your leaders need in 3 – 5 years?
  2. What capabilities do your leaders currently have?
  3. What gaps do you need to fill?
  4. What do you need to do to develop your leaders?
  5. How effective is your current leadership system?
  6. How do the components and processes of your HR system need to be aligned with your leadership development system to create maximum ROI?

Linkage collaborates and partners with our clients for input into the development of leadership program. Our leadership development approach is grounded in a Crossroads Model of Leadership Development™ and can include a suite of learning programs that are customised to meet your business needs and leadership challenges. In addition, Linkage has been working with clients to build a high performer program known as the Leadership Academy.


Crossroads Model of Leadership Development™


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