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Being a world leader in leadership and leadership development, Linkage has the expertise and best practice to assist you in developing a leadership strategy.

Organisations require capable leaders and leadership to lead them through continuous and rapid change. However, there is clear evidence that even the best organisations are failing to adapt and be resilient enough to drive their strategic agenda and position for the future.

Organisational leaders know the value of a well-thought through business strategy. Few however, have given thought to the required leadership strategies necessary to implement the business strategy.

Linkage can assist organisational leaders define and develop a leadership strategy for their organisation. The leadership strategy and plan would include critical elements such as the:

  • Quantity and quality of leaders now and in the future
  • Required leadership capabilities of individuals and teams in units and across organisational boundaries
  • Behaviours, attitudes and skills required to implement the business strategy now and in the future
  • The desired leadership culture, practices and policy to drive outcomes

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