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How Linkage Can Help You

A leadership strategy ensures leadership developmentinterventions are grounded on a consistent set of competencies, aligned with the organisation’s goals.


Identify Future Leadership Requirements

We target critical leadership capabilities required to deliver your current and future business outcomes. We start at your business outputs and competencies so that you are equipped with the knowledge to build an effective leadership development system that produces tangible impact for the long-term success.


Assess Leadership Capabilities

We can help you evaluate the capabilities of your leaders and team, including derailers, individual preferences, leadership styles and capability gaps. We assess leaders and teams from both an individual and organisational perspective to capture a systemic approach to leadership development.


Design and Deliver Leadership Development Programs, Tools and Processes  

We can help you maximise your internal leadership talent. We offer a comprehensive set of leadership development experiences, tools and processes including leadership assessments, leader development planning, executive coaching, leadership academy and leadership development courses.


Build Leader Selection and Retention Processes

We can help you build your organisation’s leadership pipeline. Alignment of your selection and retention processes with your leadership development, performance and succession management is crucial. We help you identify the ideal mix of internally developed and externally acquired leadership talent.


Build Performance Management Processes

We can help you align your performance management processes and systems to encourage and reward leaders to develop the identified leadership capabilities. We facilitate your leaders to focus on the desired outcomes for current and future business success.

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.”
Warren Bennis


Organisational leaders know the value of a well, thought through business strategy.

However, few have considered a leadership development strategy necessary to implement the business strategy.



A leadership strategy would include critical elements such as the:

• Quantity and quality of leaders now and in the future
• Required leadership capabilities in business units and across organisational boundaries
• Behaviours, attitudes and skills required to implement the business strategy now and in the future
• The desired leadership styles, culture and practices to drive outcomes


There is clear evidence that even the best organisations are failing to adapt. They do not have leaders and managers who are resilient enough to drive the strategic agenda and be positioned for the future.


Organisations require leadership to lead through continuous change. Linkage leadership consultants have the expertise to assist you in defining and developing a leadership strategy for your organisation. We help you address six key strategic questions:

  1. What capabilities will your leaders need in 3 – 5 years?
  2. What capabilities do your leaders currently have?
  3. What gaps do you need to fill?
  4. What do you need to do to develop your leaders?
  5. How effective is your current leadership system?
  6. How do the components and processes of your HR system need to be aligned with your leadership development system to create maximum ROI?





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Our research into leadership provides very useful guidelines, do’s and don’ts for breakthrough results. 

Linkage has conducted extensive research, engaged in hundreds of executive interviews and reviewed countless documentations related to leadership development. We authored many books and articles on organisational leadership. 

Feel free to meet with us to find out more about how we can help you to customise a leadership development strategy or a leadership development program.


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