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Over 200,000 leaders have:

  • Participated in Linkage programs
  • Sustained high performance throughout their professional careers
  • Ability to take on increased responsibilities
  • Capacity to deliver results with effective strategy execution
  • Ability to handle ambiguity and complexity
  • High levels of demonstrated proficiency in the full suite of management skills and competencies
  • High levels of functional knowledge
  • Demonstrated long term commitment and dedication to their organisation
  • Capacity to accelerate their progression to senior leadership roles

"It is clear that Linkage facilitators are experts in the field. They have a sincere desire to impart knowledge and see others do well, and they have a variety of new ideas and tools that are practical enough to use in the real world"
- Senior Manager, Training & OD, InterDigital Communications

Linkage has developed more than 65 highly rated, action-oriented learning programs that are developed from the latest research. Each program includes a set of proven and practical tools to increase participant confidence level in developing specific skill sets. To drive home the learning, all programs offer a highly interactive forum with role playing, simulations, case studies and action planning based on real-life business challenges.

While Linkage learning programs are primarily designed to be delivered in-house by expert Linkage facilitators, many are also available for licensing, with Train-the-Trainer and Certification programs enabling your own facilitators to train your leaders and managers.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our leading edge learning programs or to discuss a customised program specifically designed for your needs.





Learning Programs

Leadership & Management Development

  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Systems Thinking
  • Leading Teams
  • Leading in Challenging Times
  • Maximising Your Impact: Designed for Women Leaders
  • Enhancing your Management Skills
  • Leading Innovation

Change & Transition Management

  • Change Master Certification
  • Change Leadership
  • Leading Organisational Transition (Train-the-Trainer)
  • Managing Organisational Transition
  • Individual Transition in Organisations
  • Managing Change & Transition Boot Camp

Strategic HR and Organisational Development

  • Introduction to Organisational Development
  • Organisational Development & Design
  • Organisational Culture & Change
  • Consulting Skills
  • Today's HR: Designs for Strategic Partnerships
  • Best Practices in Succession Management
  • Design & Implement Leadership Development Systems
  • Foundations of an Accelerated Competency System
  • Leadership-Level Facilitation


  • Coaching Leader's Certification
  • Developing a Coaching & Mentoring System
  • Coaching for Business Leaders
  • Coaching Women Leaders
  • Essential Coaching Skills


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