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What makes Linkage's Assessments different?


  • We customise: Tailoring our instruments to fit your needs, culture and strategic objectives.
  • We create: Working with you to develop your own unique models, objectives and assessment tools.
  • We integrate: Ensuring the assessment tool fits within the context of your overall leadership development or strategic change initiative.
  • We serve: Employing our established process for administration, we free you from unnecessary burdens or hassles.
  • We amplify: Utilising interpretative sessions and reports to provide you with deeper understanding and further developmental guidance.
  • We coach: Connecting you with a world-class executive coach who can leverage assessment data to accelerate individual growth and development.
  • We reinforce: Providing you with development guides with recommendations for action plus targeted re-assessments to measure impact.

"Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves, their strengths, their values, and how they best perform"
- Peter Drucker


Backed by more than twenty years of practice in leadership and organisational development, our assessments are research-based, developed through extensive research and in conjunction with some of the world’s leading Thought Leaders and regularly updated to reflect changes and innovations in the field.

There is no substitute for data: tangible feedback that leads to greater insight; clearer direction; focused action; and measurable results. Linkage assessment tools provide you with data to help you address crucial front-end decisions such as:


‘How do I improve as a leader, manager, internal consultant or coach?’

‘How can my team become high performing?’

‘How can my organisation get to the next level?’


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if you would like to discuss how we can work with you to tailor our instruments to fit your own particular context, or alternatively assist you to develop your own unique assessment tools. We can provide you with a sample report upon request.






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