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Sourcing the Right Leadership Development Solutions


Unlike many consulting houses and management schools, Linkage does not subscribe to one leadership school of thought.


We source leadership best practices from multiple domains and areas of expertise to “link” you with the most appropriate leadership solutions according to your needs. We have partnered and worked with some of the best global minds, practitioners, business leaders, academics, universities and other consultants across industries and fields of expertise.


Our objective is to provide you with world-class research, best practice and access to acknowledged thought leadership in the field of leadership to meet present opportunities and future challenges.


Organisational Development:

Developing Leaders for Positive Growth


Linkage’s organisational development solutions are proven to increase your organisation’s effectiveness. We align leadership development solutions with your strategic goals so that real development occurs in context.


We partner with you to deploy practitioner-driven solutions. We are committed to helping you build a distinguished leadership brand by utilising the full potential of your managers, leaders and teams.


To integrate our interventions with the realities of your organisation, we analyse business inputs such as leadership values, organisational culture, business challenges and strategic focus. This allows us to specifically target leadership gaps and capabilities needed to tangibly drive new initiatives, change and business results. 


Leadership Services


Linkage delivers pragmatic organisational development solutions grounded on leading-edge research and global thought leadership.



· Strategic Leadership Consulting:
We analyse your business to provide leadership development solutions formed at the crossroads where leadership, strategy and culture meet. We recognise the importance of developing leaders and developing managers for what’s next and what’s right now.


· In-house Leadership Programs:
We customise leadership programs and executive programs according to your needs.  We design workshops integrated with expert facilitators, executive coaching, assessment and measurement in a seamless manner.


· Team Facilitation:
We deliver in-depth team effectiveness workshops and offsites to generate positive, lasting and measurable results.


· Executive Coaching:
We work with individuals and teams to address their development needs. We have proven expertise in developing managers to overcome challenges and be ready for the next leadership role.


· Assessments:
We have developed a suite of proprietary diagnostics to assess and evaluate your leadership needs and team effectiveness. We are certified to administer a range of third party diagnostics.


· Conferences and institutes:
We have a number of globally recognised conferences and conversation platforms open to the public annually.


· Management and Leadership Training:
We have over 60 fully developed, off-the-shelf leadership skills courses and certification programs. Courses range from leadership skills training to management training, leading change, transition management, team improvement training and coaching skills.


Our solutions are developed and delivered by experienced facilitators that have both consulting and professional experience. Our global network allows us to leverage best practices developed around the globe. More than 300,000 leaders and managers have participated in Linkage programs and interventions since 1988.







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